Galaxy Ring’s Rumored Features Would Make It an Unbeatable Tracker

Not only were the new Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra the highlight of Samsung’s recently held Unpacked event, but the South Koreans managed to reveal the Galaxy Ring’s design at the very end of the event. What’s left to know about this accessory are the features and specifications. However, more details about the tracker have started to emerge, albeit hailing from a third-party source.

Samsung Galaxy Ring weight and color

On Meta’s Thread, tipster and analyst Avi Greengart shared new information related to Samsung’s first smart ring tracker after it allegedly indulged in a hands-on session. The Galaxy Ring was described to be “ridiculously light” when worn and will remain as comfortable even when sleeping.

The exact weight is not given, but in contrast, most smart rings today have an average weight of 4 grams. For instance, the Oura Horizon Ring ranges between 4 and 6 grams while the Ultrahuman Ring Air at 3 grams, tops, for its biggest variant. Unfortunately, it is unclear just how light the Galaxy Ring will be despite being touted for its crazy lightweight build.

Samsung's Galaxy Ring smart wearable tracker
Samsung’s Galaxy Ring features multiple sensors and a charging contact on its inner side. / © Samsung

It added that there are wide size options for the Galaxy Ring, with the biggest at 13 (70 mm) in circumference. More importantly, the ring is tipped to arrive in three finishes, of which one can assume as colors. We already saw some shade of black at the Unpacked event, so it is possible more unique colors will eventually be introduced.

Samsung Galaxy Ring features

A separate report (via The Verge) that referenced the same source mentioned the Galaxy Ring will boast “leading sensor technologies” that would enable both health and fitness monitoring. It’s quite interesting what new features the tracker will bring to the table considering most smart rings today have only limited fitness tracking support.

There’s no word about the price and exact release date of the Galaxy Ring. Samsung’s next event could happen around in July or August where the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 will be announced alongside the Galaxy Watch 7 which will be powered by a new processor. Hence, we don’t rule out the possibility of the Galaxy Ring being fully revealed by then.

As usual, there are possibilities Samsung will choose a different and earlier timeline with the spotlight on the Galaxy Ring alone. This move could help them experience better traction among potential users through word of mouth for the device.

Likewise, which scenario do you think is more probable? How much do you think Samsung’s Galaxy Ring should be sold for? Tell us in the comments.

Via: TheVerge