Google’s Pixel Watch 3 (Pro) May Have A Bigger Display and Battery

With a faster processor and improved sensors, Google’s Pixel Watch 2 (review) was a welcome update over the original Pixel Watch. However, the smartwatch’s round build remained unchanged, with a 1.2-inch screen in a 41 mm case size that some fans griped as miniscule. Google is now rumored to bring two variants of the Pixel Watch 3, and that may include one with a bigger display.

Google Pixel Watch 3’s bigger display and battery

As cited by 9to5Google’s unnamed source, Google is rumored to launch the Pixel Watch 3 in two sizes later this year, which will introduce a new option with a larger display. There are no details on what the exact screen radius or dimensions of the larger Pixel Watch 3 are. However, the internet search giant should likely retain the 41 mm as the smaller option.

While all these are just mere speculation, the bigger Google Pixel Watch 3 may also feature a larger battery capacity to compensate for the increased viewing real estate and a possibly higher display resolution. More importantly, the larger battery capacity is the expected solution considering the short battery life happens to be one of the biggest shortcomings of the two Pixel Watch generations.

You can forget about Quick Charging the Pixel Watch 2.
Google has improved the charging puck on the Pixel Watch 2, which now uses the same connectors as Fitbit’s wearable, but quick charging is still missing. / © nextpit

Apart from the display and battery, we just don’t know whether other notable differences in specifications and functions would make it a more capable smartwatch apart from the size.

Will it be called the Google Pixel Watch 3 Pro?

At the same time, it’s unclear what this new Pixel Watch 3 variant will be called. With the current naming convention of Google’s Pixel devices, a Pixel Watch 3 Pro is a fitting choice, although we’re not heavily betting on it if there are no distinguishable features apart from the footprint.

Google could announce the new Pixel Watch 3 in October, which is the same time as the Pixel 9’s expected debut. Interestingly, we might receive surprises in the upcoming Google I/O where Android 15 and the mid-range Pixel 8a will take center stage. Moving forward, we should hear more details uncovered about the smartwatch lineup.

What other features or changes do you want to see on Google’s Pixel Watch 3? Do you wish Google would add more safety features? Share your predictions with us in the comments.