Samsung Galaxy’s AI Feature Likely to Become Chargeable Soon!

The South Korean company, once the world leader in smartphone sales, has officially unveiled its Galaxy S24 series. These flagship smartphones will be the first from the company to feature the new Samsung Galaxy AI functions. However, as the fine print reveals, these functions are likely not to be permanently free, but instead available on a subscription basis.

Will the Samsung Galaxy AI be chargeable?

Samsung devoted significant time to showcasing the new Galaxy AI at the Galaxy Unpacked event, in collaboration with Google. This artificial intelligence seems to work, at least partially, with the Google Large Language Model (LLM) Gemini Nano.

One of the many impressive AI functions presented was ‘Circle to Search’, which initiates an internet search by circling, tightening, or tapping on an object in an image, browser, or other document.

However, the small print on the Galaxy AI product page states that the functions—at least some of them—could be subject to a charge from 2026.

Galaxy AI functions will be provided free of charge on supported Samsung Galaxy devices until the end of 2025. Different conditions may apply for AI functions provided by third parties.

Samsung has not yet responded to inquiries from 9to5Google, which can be indirectly interpreted as confirmation of a possible subscription model. Overall, too much is uncertain about this forecast, so we will have to wait and see to what extent which services will actually be charged for.

We are already familiar with functions such as the announced summarization of voice recordings from Google, where it has so far been limited to the Google Pixel 8 Pro (review).

Microsoft and OpenAI, for example, offer the chatbot ChatGPT from version 4.0 as a paid subscription model. In the long or short term, we will probably have to get used to the fact that such services also cost something to pay for themselves.

What do you think of the possibility that Samsung will offer special AI functions as a subscription model? Would you be willing to pay for certain services? Write us your opinion in the comments below and let’s discuss the topic.

Via: 9to5Google