iOS 17.3 RC Released—Here’s What’s New in This iPhone Update

After a few beta releases, Apple rolled out iOS 17.3 RC (Release Candidate) to public testers and developers, beginning today. Apple confirmed the public version of the firmware will be shipped next week. Here are some new features you can expect to arrive with iOS 17.3. 

What’s new in iOS 17.3: Stolen Device, Collaborative playlist, AirPlay for hotels

One of the biggest new features on iOS 17.3, which was also included in the first beta, is Stolen Device Protection. It’s a new feature that adds extra security measures when your iPhone is stolen along with a compromised passcode.

When enabled from the Apple ID settings, this limits access to your sensitive information like Apple accounts and using payment credentials by requiring a Face ID or Touch ID authentication on top of entering your passcode. A time delay is also applied when making changes to your accounts or passwords. 

Apple adds Stolen Device Protection on iOS 17.3
Apple’s new Stolen Device Protection adds an extra layer of security when your iPhone and passcode are stolen. / © Apple

Following the delay, Apple officially introduced collaborative playlists on the Apple Music app with the update. The new Music feature enables playlist management among your family members or friends. Anyone can add or remove tracks as well as use emojis in titles and receive notifications related to activities with the playlist.

Another delayed feature is AirPlay support for selected hotels and resorts with compatible TV entertainment systems. Basically, you don’t need to manually enter your account information when casting a music track or video to a TV.

Other iOS 17.3 features: Optimized Crash Detection, New wallpapers

Furthermore, the update optimized Crash Detection on iPhone 15 (review) and iPhone 14 with iOS 17.3. This is after continued reports of false triggers when indulging in high-speed sports.

Lastly, in the Apple Care & Warranty section within Settings, expanded devices’ coverage under the same Apple ID is now shown. Each device is represented by an individual icon and lists the remaining warranty period coverage.

If you’re enrolled in Apple’s Developer Program, you can manually download and install the new software by going to General in the Settings and tapping Software update to check for any available updates.

Which of these iOS 17.3 features do you look forward to? What are your favorites? Tell us in the comments.