Apple’s $3,500 Vision Pro is Stuck with a Slower Wi-Fi 6

Apple’s Vision Pro is an ultra-premium VR and XR headset priced at $3,500 a pop. At this rate, you would only think that it has all the advanced hardware components and software experience you can think of in a wearable. Surprisingly, that appears not to be in the case with the Vision Pro after a new filing revealed it misses out on a few vital connectivity features.

Apple Vision Pro connectivity

Based on the approved FCC filing given to Apple for the Vision Pro, it labeled the headset as being equipped with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, missing out on the more efficient and faster Wi-Fi 6E (extended). The reason behind this is? The M2 chip that powers the device integrates an older radio chip with the Wi-Fi 6, unlike the M3 chip that comes with a newer Wi-Fi 6E connectivity.

Apple Vision Pro screenshots from WWDC 23
Apple’s Vision Pro packaging will include Dual Loop and Single Knit bands. / © Apple, edited by nextpit

Although that’s not a massive deal for many potential early adopters, the Vision Pro also lacks another connectivity feature: UWB or the ultra-wideband U1 chip. In other words, the Vision Pro is incompatble with Apple’s Find My app and network that enables nearby tracking. This also goes against the AirTag 2 rumor being compatible with the headset.

Apple Vision Pro storage and RAM

In relation to the device’s specifications, it was previously revealed that the Vision Pro will feature 256 GB storage and 16 GB RAM as discovered by MacRumors. Apple should reveal the entire specifications and features of the premium wearable in the coming days as it plans to open pre-orders on January 19 with the first shipment slated for February 2.

The Vision Pro’s retail packaging and accessories included were also confirmed. This contains more than the essentials such as Single Knit and Dual Loop bands, Light Seal, front cover, external battery pack, USB cable, and power adapter.

A separate rumor hinted that the Cupertino tech company is releasing the Vision Pro outside the USA before 2024’s WWDC in June, with the first countries to include Canada, China, and the UK.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s Vision Pro lacking Wi-Fi 6E connectivity and UWB support? Are these features important enough for you to consider? We look forward to your answers.