iPhone 16 is Rumored to Feature 8 GB RAM and Faster Wi-Fi

Although the start of 2024 has seen the spotlight focused on Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro, rumors about the iPhone 16 continue to appear. A fresh rumor has just appeared, letting us know what we can expect from the vital changes in the next-generation iPhone’s hardware, especially for the standard models.

Apple iPhone 16 memory, processor, and connectivity

According to a new investor’s note from analyst and leaker Jeff Pu (via 9to5Mac), the iPhone 16 is set to get more RAM at 8 GB, which is a big step from the iPhone 15’s (review) 6 GB RAM. The amount will also be on par with iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max that were slated to carry 8 GB RAM.

In addition, the consultant doubled down on his previous forecasts. He explained that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will use the A18 chipset that is based on an improved 3 nm fabrication process. The new chip enables more transistors for faster processing while ideally enhancing efficiency for lower power consumption and a longer battery life.

Apple iPhone 16 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro size and weigh-in
Apple iPhone 16 Pro vs. iPhone 15 Pro display, size, weight comparison. / © nextpit

Meanwhile, it is expected the iPhone 16 Pro duo will be differentiated from the vanilla models by featuring a more powerful custom Apple A18 Pro silicon. This news does not come as a big surprise since last year’s iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro (review) were differentiated via their respective chipset, display, and camera specifications, where the latter getting the better end of the stick.

Apart from the processor and memory, connectivity for the upcoming iPhone range was detailed as well. In particular, the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will retain the Qualcomm X70 modem similar to the iPhone 15 but will add Wi-Fi 6E support. On the other hand, the iPhone 16 Pro should debut with Qualcomm’s latest X75 modem, which offers upgraded cellular speed and reliability.

A better camera for the Apple iPhone 16 Pro

Surprisingly, Jeff Pu also mentioned some information related to the iPhone 16 Pro’s camera. Basically, the two Pro models will feature a 48 MP ultra-wide camera, ditching the 12 MP sensor that has been utilized by the iPhone manufacturer for years. The aforementioned larger sensor should boost the spatial video recording capability of the camera phones.

What’s left out from the report is the question of whether the iPhone 16 will retain the non-ProMotion displays. It was rumored last year that the smaller iPhone 16 and Plus version will be stuck with OLED screens at a 60 Hz refresh rate. However, as we are several months away from the next iPhone launch, we may likely see more details surface that are contrary to the expected specifications of yore.

Do you think that Apple has been offering minimal generational upgrades with its iPhones? What else would you want to see the company add to the iPhone 16? We’d like to hear your suggestions.