Free iOS And Android Apps to Kick Off Your Weekend

If you’ve recently gotten a new phone, you might be looking to download some apps. In the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, many apps are paid, but there are occasions when developers offer their apps for free for a limited time. So, check out our Free iOS and Android Apps of the Week column and rejoice!

Unlike our “Top 5 Apps of the Week” feature, here we focus on apps that are temporarily free. We choose apps with minimal microtransactions and at least a 3.5-star rating for quality assurance.

Remember, these apps are free for a short period and may become paid again. If you find an app listed here that is no longer free, please let us know, and we’ll update our article.

Another hot tip: If you come across an exciting app but don’t need it right now, download and install it anyway. This way, you have “bought” it once for free, and it will be available in your app library forever—even if you delete it from your smartphone after that.

Android apps that are free for a short time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Premium Camera ($2.99): A unique camera app that allows you to be more creative in your photo-taking sessions.
  • Sound Meter ($2.99): Ever wondered how much sound is let into a room or car? Get a reading with this app.
  • Bookmark Manager ($1.49): Do you surf the internet a lot with your smartphone? Organize all your favorite sites with this app.

Android games

  • Mental Hospital III Remastered ($0.99):  A remaster of an iconic horror game for smartphones! Time to soil yourself again!
  • The Light ($1.99): You are in a building, and it is extremely dark. You try to find your way out, but are thwarted at every turn. Keep your wits about you if you want to remain alive!
  • Monster Killer Pro Shooter ($0.99): A top-down shooter, you control your character who grows in power to get rid of monsters with various weapons.
  • Zombie Age 3 Premium Survival ($0.99): It is the zombie apocalypse. Do you have what it takes to get rid of swathes of zombies?
  • Paranormal Territory 2 ($0.49): Love jumping out of your skin? This game will certainly ensure you get enough scares as a horror-adventure title.

iOS apps that are free for a short time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Scan2PDF Mobile ($1.99): Obtain instant PDFs with your phone’s camera!
  • Smart Cut – Background Eraser ($2.99): Do you have nice photos that were photobombed? Remove these unwanted elements with this app. 
  • MoviePro – Pro Video Camera ($9.99): Love shooting videos with your iPhone? This app might bring you to a whole new level.
  • PropsFun Pro ($0.99): Never take a boring photo ever again! With this app, you can shoot photos with virtual props!
  • Calculator EasyHD ($0.99): Looking for a no-nonsense calculator app? You can’t go wrong with this!

iOS games

  • ROD Multiplayer Car Driving ($4.99): An online car game that will appeal to those who love drifting and racing.
  • Pepi Bath 2 ($3.99): Who knew that it might take a game to get your little ones to warm up to taking a bath?
  • Fiete World: Games for Kids ($1.99): Let your little one expand his/her imagination in this open-world game.
  • Date Night Questions ($3.99): Perhaps you have been out of the game for some time already, why not get over the jitters with a bunch of ready questions? 
  • Choba Jumper ($3.99): Jump from one platform to another while avoiding obstacles and different challenges. 

Here’s to a fantastic weekend! Which of the listed apps are you going to try? You are welcome to recommend other apps to us by leaving a comment.