Apple’s iPad Pro 2024 Might Debut with MagSafe Wireless Charging

2024 is looking to be a big year for Apple as it is expected they’re going to refresh many of its iPad and iPad Pro lines following no launches this year. Among those planned are the two iPad Pro tablets that are rumored to bring OLED screen and new M3 chip. A new report suggests that the duo may bring MagSafe charging as well.

First Apple iPad with MagSafe charging

According to the source familiar with suppliers of magnets used by Apple (via MacRumors), the Cupertino tech company might introduce MagSafe or wireless charging on the next-gen iPad Pro range. The source didn’t 100 percent vouch on the details, but it does appear to be coherent with the previous rumors.

For instance, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported back in 2021 that Apple has been testing an iPad Pro prototype that would feature wireless charging. It was speculated that the device comes with a glass back panel to enable the induction-based charging since this is not possible with an aluminum enclosure on the current design of the iPad Pro (review).

iPhone 14 supports MagSafe charging as well
Wireless charging has a power of 15 W with MagSafe products and 7.5 W with the others. / © nextpit

What’s more interesting is that there was another prototype that still uses an aluminum enclosure, but the provision for magnets were placed underneath the enlarged Apple logo at the back. Subsequently, the altered design allows the wireless charging through the section of the logo.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell on which method Apple should adopt. Regardless, a MagSafe-ready iPad Pro appears to be inline with the debut of Qi2 wireless charging, which is based on Apple’s MagSafe technology. So it is likely that the iPad Pro with MagSafe will also be compatible with the Qi2 accessories for iPhones.

Another reason the wireless charging will be added on the iPad Pro may due to the fact of Apple is copying Google’s Pixel Tablet (review) functionality. This transforms the Android slab into a smart display when mounted on the charging speaker dock and is continuously charged wirelessly.

Apple is tipped to launch the OLED iPad Pro tablets equipped with M3 chipset in the second quarter of 2024. Meanwhile, the standard iPad 11 and iPad Mini 7 should arrive at an earlier time frame around in March 2024. There is also a rumored new variant for the iPad Air with a larger display and will be offered together with the 11-inch iPad Air.

Do you think a wireless charging on Apple’s iPad Pro will be an essential feature? We look forward to hearing your opinion in the comment section.