Google Renames Android’s Nearby Share Feature to Quick Share

Google introduced Nearby Share feature as the default sharing tool for files and multimedia on Android devices in 2020. And in a few years the feature has existed, the name didn’t quite create a striking impression when compared to Apple’s AirDrop or the peer-to-peer SHAREit. The latest move from Google is particularly rebranding the feature to Quick Share, possibly making it easier to remember for users.

As discovered by tipster Kamila Wojciechowska, a new update of GMS or Google Play Services app with version 23.50.13 includes a confirmation that Nearby Share will be now called Quick Share. Once the update is installed a pop-up text box appears with a verbiage about the renaming of the tool. It is also mentioned and shows an updated logo for Quick Share.

Not only the name and logo are new. As seen in the shared screenshots, the dashboard interface, sending screen, and quick settings of the feature have also been changed to a cleaner look and gives a nod to Material You design on Android 14 OS.

Google's Quick Share feature on Android
Google has renamed Nearby Share to Quick Share on Android / © X/u/KamilaW

Interestingly, Samsung also uses the same Quick Share name on OneUI in addition to having Nearby Share in some applications when sharing. There is no confirmation yet whether if it means that Samsung is going to adopt Google’s Quick Share in the near future, including the method and layout on its Galaxy devices.

Right now, the update with its immediate changes are available for Google’s Pixels that received the new Google Play Services app update. It’s unclear if when the rebranding fully arrive to non-Pixel devices and other platforms where Nearby Share is used, such as with Windows laptops, as there is no official press release from Google itself. Perhaps, we could be hearing more in the coming weeks or when Android 15 is announced.

Which name do you prefer between the Nearby Share or Quick Share? Tell us in the comments.

Via: 9to5Google