Meet the Linxura Smart Controller, a Palm-sized Controller for Your Home Gadgets

Managing multiple smart devices in a home can often become a cumbersome task, given each device’s unique app or control hub. The Linxura Smart Controller addresses this issue head-on. Designed to bring simplicity and efficiency to smart home management, this portable device allows users to control over 50 different smart home gadgets with a single, streamlined interface.

It stands out for its ability to eliminate the clutter of multiple apps and hubs, offering a centralized control system that is both intuitive and user-friendly.

Get to Know the Linxura Smart Controller

This device appears to cater to a broad audience, especially those keen on smart home technologies and looking for an integrated or hassle-free control system for their various smart home gadgets. If you’ve been piecing together your smart home from different brands and ecosystems, you surely know how tedious that can get.

One of the Linxura Smart Controller’s key features is its e-paper display, which shows up to four devices at a time for control, with a click wheel around the screen to select other devices or scenes.

This design is not only energy-efficient and user-friendly but it’s also intuitive, too. The controller’s functions can be customized to user preferences, such as single-click to turn a device on or off and click-and-hold to adjust various smart device functions like brightness, temperature, and volume.

The Linxura Smart Controller is particularly beneficial for home use due to its ability to automate scenes, making it easier to facilitate tasks and routines with custom one-button presses. Set the perfect ambiance or streamline your daily routines, making smart living more effortless and personalized. Why bother dealing with multiple apps and services when you can just press a single button?

The controller’s portability, combined with a battery life of up to three months on a single charge, enhances its convenience. Indeed, this thing fits in the palm of your hand. Additionally, it features a “Find My Controller” function, aiding in locating the device if misplaced. And if you’re looking for a more permanent placement, there’s an optional wall mount available for just $15. Not to worry, though as the controller is magnetically attached and can be removed without effort.

What Else?

The Linxura handles not only numerous smart home devices but it’s also designed to work with multiple users, too. Every member of the family can manage all smart devices in the home from a single interface. This is handy for situations where, for instance, a teen has their own lights set up in the bedroom that aren’t found elsewhere in the home.

Each family member can set up scenes that suit their preferences, whether it’s dimming the lights for movie night or adjusting the thermostat for the morning routine. Shared control can also serve as a learning opportunity for younger family members to understand and interact with smart home technology.


Linxura Smart Controller is compatible with popular platforms like Alexa, Sonos, LIFX, and Philips Hue, offering a wide range of device options to incorporate into your smart home setup. The manufacturer is committed to expanding compatibility with plans to support other platforms like Matter and Google Home through future firmware updates.


The Linxura Smart Controller is available for pre-order at $99.99 and comes in three colors: Snow Pearl, Midnight Onyx, and Sterling Moon. That’s white, black, and a greenish gray, by other names.

Moreover, the website offers insights into the product’s features, specifications, and compatibility with other smart home devices and platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, and the Matter smart home connectivity standard.

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