Google’s More Powerful Pixie AI Assistant Could Debut on Pixel 9

Google recently introduced Gemini, which is the company’s foundational LLM or large language model. Google’s conversational Bard or AWB (Assistant with Bard) and some Pixel 8 Pro’s AI features are among the first services that are based on the system. But in addition to these, the internet search giant may also release a new AI assistant that also taps Gemini and is different from the current Google Assistant.

According to the report of The Information, Google is working on a new AI assistant that is internally dubbed Pixie, although it appears this could end up being the assistant’s final name when it launches. Pixie is said to be exclusive to Pixel phones and will debut with the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro next year.

Available details describe that Pixie uses multimodal AI features and offers more personalization than Assistant by using data from Google’s services such as Maps and Gmail. One of the given example capabilities of Pixie is analyzing a product in an image and giving you locations and directions on where you can buy it.

While not confirmed, Pixie could be an equivalent better version of AWB or Assistant with Bard for Google’s Pixel devices. And as AWB is expected to be available in other Android smartphone brands apart from Pixels, it makes sense if Google adopts Pixie to better distinguish its Pixel range from other makers.

There are also rumored plans for Google to integrate Pixie into its cheaper Pixel phone offerings and other product catalogs like smartwatches besides the flagship Pixel handsets. So, it does suggest that Pixie is poised to compete with Meta’s Meta AI, which is a conversational assistant that powers its services and head-mounted wearables including the Ray-Ban smart glasses (review) and Quest 3 (review) headset.

Furthermore, there might be a chance that Pixie may also find its way to the unannounced next-gen Google AR smart glasses. But presently, the development of such a wearable has said faced a roadblock.

Do you think Google has a winning chance to make Pixie a major selling point on its Pixel devices? What are your thoughts on AI overall? Tell us in the comments.

Via: SamMobile
The Information