Google launches Gemini, the AI model to compete with GPT-4

Google, an AI-first organization is finally poised to regain its position as the number one AI company in the world. According to the leadership at the company, the one-year AI era brought on by ChatGPT may soon be over.

Gemini – What it is

Gemini is Google’s latest large language model being launched so that the public can enjoy what it offers. This, according to Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, is a huge leap forward in an AI model. What’s more, it will practically affect all of Google’s products.

However, the Gemini promises to be more than a single AI model. First, there’s a lighter version known as Gemini Nano: It will run natively and offline on Android devices. The other one is called Gemini Pro: It will power lots of Google AI services. The third model, Gemini Ultra is the most powerful LLM Google has ever created. This is mostly designed for data centers, and enterprise applications. Gemini is available in only English for now. Other languages will follow in the near future.

How Gemini is launched in smartphones

Google has started to launch the Gemini right now. However, we can’t say how the company intends to use it to power smartphones in the future. Nevertheless, we know that Bard is now powered by Gemini Pro. Soon, Pixel 8 Pro users will enjoy new features coming from Gemini Nano.

Next year, the Gemini Ultra will arrive. By mid-December, developers and enterprise customers will access Gemini Pro through Google Generative AI Studio or Vertex AI in Google Cloud.

At the present time, Gemini is only available in English, with other languages coming soon.

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Gemini will embrace all things Google

The future of this technology is seeing it integrated into Google’s search engine, its ad products, the Chrome and many other aspects of Google all over the world. Simply put, this is the future of Google coming at the right time.

Pichai said that this is one of the best ways to work on one underlying technology and make it better, while it immediately flows across all Google’s products.

Why the Gemini will outpace the GPT-4

Gemini was designed from the beginning to be a whole lot more than text. Though the company was caught off-guard by how good the ChatGPT was, Google is poised to launch a successful campaign with the Gemini because it is already ahead on 30 out of the 32 benchmarks needed for success. With the Ultra version, Google will work with images, video, and audio.

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