Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Might Disappoint with a Meager 8 GB RAM

It appears that Samsung would stick with a measly 8 GB RAM on the Galaxy S24. A reliable tipster suggests the base models of the Galaxy S24, including the premium Galaxy S24 Ultra, won’t get any promising memory upgrade, which has stagnated for many years.

No RAM increase for the Samsung Galaxy S24

According to prolific leaker Ice Universe, Samsung is only offering base variants of the Galaxy S24 (Plus) and Galaxy S24 Ultra with 8 GB of RAM. The account added that there will be a 12 GB option, but this is available with the Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra. It was also mentioned that there are no 16 GB versions in any models.

Samsung Galaxy S24 product image leaked
A Samsung Galaxy S24 render leaked some months ago. / © On Leaks

It should be noted that this will be the first RAM step-up for the Plus line. But as for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, it means it will be another year that Samsung is equipping the priciest entry with 8 GB RAM. Previous models of the Ultra, like the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S20 Ultra, were offered with 12 GB RAM as the starting configuration, which goes up to 16 GB.

Compared to other OEM competitors, it is only the South Koreans have stopped giving its users options for smartphones with 16 GB RAM or higher. For example, the OnePlus 12 is confirmed to boast 24 GB RAM in its fully loaded configuration, although the base variant of the device might feature 8 GB RAM.

Will an 8 GB RAM on Samsung Galaxy S24 matter?

However, with what we know, the real-life performance won’t primarily depend on the amount of RAM at all. Manufacturers do still find ways to optimize the performance on their devices through software and methods like utilization of shared virtual memory, especially on mid-range and budget phones with limited RAM.

Samsung's new LLW DRAM technology
Samsung’s LLW or Low Latency Wide IO DRAM type / © Samsung Semiconductor

As for Samsung, it might introduce its new special type of RAM called Low Latency Wide IO or LLW DRAM on the Galaxy S24 to compensate for the modest 8 GB RAM. Fortunately, we won’t be waiting too long to confirm it as the Galaxy S24 is expected to be unveiled on January 17, 2024, in San Jose, California.

While the RAM on the Galaxy S24 would likely not see any increase, it was reported in August by a Korean outlet that Samsung may double the on-board storage on the upcoming flagship trio from 128 GB to 256 GB. But until now, there was no substantial evidence to support this, though we’re wishing it is true.

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s Galaxy S24 having 8 GB of RAM? Do you think the cost-cutting measures of the Koreans are too much? Let us hear your answers in the comments.