INKBIRD IBS-TH3-PLUS-WIFI Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Monitoring air temperature and humidity is crucial for several reasons, and it plays a significant role in various aspects of our lives. Surely you’ve felt the difference between a climate-controlled 72 degrees and one that just happens to be the temperature of a room with its windows open.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are popular devices in a lot of homes because they can help bring the humidity level more in line with your needs. Get it too high in a room or home and you run the risk of discomfort, mold, mildew, pests, and more. On the other end, too low can mean dry skin, respiratory issues, and worsened allergies. Keeping temperatures and humidity at specific levels can go a long way to a comfortable living or working environment.

Fortunately, it doesn’t cost very much to keep an eye on temperatures and humidity. Devices, such as the INKBIRD TH3-PLUS-WIFI, priced as low as $30, can help keep a watchful eye on your home or office settings.

Key Features of the INKBIRD  IBS-TH3-PLUS-WIFI

The IBS-TH3-PLUS-WIFI connects seamlessly to your home Wi-Fi network, enabling you to access temperature and humidity readings remotely via the INKBIRD Pro app on your smartphone or tablet. This wireless feature ensures that you stay informed about your environment, even when you’re away.

With the INKBIRD Pro app, you can set custom alerts for specific temperature or humidity ranges. Receive notifications directly on your device when conditions go outside your defined parameters, potentially leading to your taking action to protect your valuable possessions or ensure a comfortable living or working environment.

The INKBIRD app is intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible to users of all tech levels. Setup is straightforward, and the app provides clear visuals of your data. Setup, if you’d like, can be as simple as turning it on and placing it on a counter. Pair it to the app, though, and that’s where you can see current and historical conditions.

The device not only displays real-time data but also stores historical records. This feature enables you to track temperature and humidity trends over time, which can be especially useful for evaluating the effectiveness of climate control systems. Are things headed in the right direction? Sometimes a simple graph can tell you all you need to know.

Its compact size and battery power option make it easy to place wherever you need it. At about two inches tall and wide, it can be tucked away pretty much anywhere. Even going with the USB-C option and charging as needed, you could be looking at weeks, if not months, between charges. The display offers up large easy-to-read numbers that make for at-a-glance information.

Target User

There are a ton of usage cases I can imagine for having a sensor like the IBS-TH3-PLUS-WIFI outside of the standard comfort and well-being of family.

Those with indoor plants, gardens, or greenhouses can benefit from these sensors to create optimal growing conditions for plants, preventing issues like over-drying or over-humidification. Likewise for pet owners who can use temperature and humidity sensors to ensure that their pets are comfortable and safe in their living spaces.

Wine enthusiasts and collectors can use these sensors to monitor wine cellars, ensuring that the temperature and humidity conditions are ideal for storing and aging wine properly.

Parents with infants and young children often use these sensors in nurseries to maintain a comfortable and safe sleeping environment. Similarly, it might be the tool that helps you figure out why you’ve not been getting a good night’s sleep this summer; maybe a dehumidifier is in order.

Businesses and industries that require precise climate control, such as pharmaceuticals, food storage, and manufacturing, use these sensors to ensure product quality and safety.


The IIBS-TH3-PLUS-WIFI Thermometer Hygrometer is a valuable addition to any home or workplace, providing the convenience of remote environmental monitoring at an accessible price point. With its accuracy, custom alerts, and historical tracking capabilities, it empowers users to maintain optimal conditions and make informed decisions.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a homeowner, or a professional in need of precise climate data, the IBS-TH3-PLUS-WIFI is a reliable choice that delivers peace of mind. And at just $30 it’s a rather inexpensive investment for insight and well-being.


This marks the second sensor we’ve tested from INKBIRD, both of which have been easy to set up and use. Thus far its products have fared well at the office, making it convenient to quickly identify the temp, humidity, or other settings in the room. Check out our review of the IAM-T1, one of its newest products.

For consumers interested in adding some smart sensors to their home, or expanding their automation, I think that INKBIRD is a brand worth keeping an eye on.

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