Winner and loser of the week: IFA 2020 holds steady, Google has a pixel problem

A short week is coming to an end and once again a lot has happened in the technosphere. Journalists and manufacturers are already packing their bags for the IFA 2020 with impatience, while leaks are spoiling the wait for Google Pixel 4a and various Apple products. Here are our winners and losers of the week.

That it is far away the time of conventions. We can still remember 2019 in the editorial office, the year when everything was still possible; when my colleagues and I were allowed to leave for Cuba. the hunt for interesting personalities and technological innovations at the CES in Las Vegas, the MWC in Barcelona, the IFA in Berlin, or London and other metropolises around the world.

The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) is one of the most important technology fairs in Europe and for our company. Luckily for us, the physical event will indeed be held, but…

This week’s winner: IFA 2020 Berlin

We were obviously relieved to learn that a physical exhibition will be maintained for IFA 2020. Although under completely different conditions, being closed to the public for example, we may have to get used to our new normality until health and medical solutions to the pandemic are available.

The IFA is not the only winner this week due to the physical event maintained. Manufacturers and brands, who will be able to take part in the four-day exhibition to make deals and exchange information with journalists, will also benefit from the event in early September.

Only manufacturers and 800 journalists will be able to attend the IFA 2020 physical show. / © IFA-berlin

Less pleasing are the leakage problems facing not only Google, but also Apple. Cupertino let a leak in his staff, long considered to be beyond reproach, allow YouTuber Jon Prosser to have unprecedented information about Apple products that are not commercially available. Honestly, and that’s just my opinion, it’s a problem for everyone. Sure, leaks give a little boost to brands and journalists, but leaks also have their perverse effects.

I feel compelled to say this; the leaks take away any anticipation for the launch of the Apple iPhone 12 in September, because all the details seem to be already known. I’ve been following the Apple keynote for years, both privately and professionally.

It’s the magic of the “One more thing” that thunders in the heart of the nerd that I am and that this year was supposed to be the announcement of the Apple Glass Augmented Reality Glasses. Unfortunately, I couldn’t escape the leaks that probably gave me all the suspense of the next conference in September.

Loser of the week: Google and its Pixel 4a

Boredom should not, however, describe what Apple, Google and Co. think of these leaks. In addition to Apple, Google has also been the victim of indiscreet leaks in recent days. The Google Pixel 4a could even be seen in a video of a YouTuber based in Cuba, which was also portrayed and which would have had access to a prototype.

It’s dramatic for a company that has just lost the big brain behind the software prowess of Pixel’s photo-based software and is experiencing declining sales figures. That’s why Google is clearly this week’s loser.

Pixel 4a is becoming a problem child and its release, scheduled for June, has again been postponed. According to the latest information – from leaker Jon Prosser, of course – Pixel 4a is not expected to be official until July. Originally, a launch in early May was under discussion.

Pixel 4a

Was originally May, then got pushed to June, now pushed again.

“Just Black” & “Barely Blue”

Current plan for announcement:
July 13

BTW – just 4G.
(Sorry to kill the 5G rumors)

Seems like they’re ready to ship. The decision is mostly based on market analysis.

— Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser)
May 21, 2020

So this weekend ends with boredom on the couch with a prolonged yawn. At least waiting for a trip from North Rhine-Westphalia (where I live) to Berlin to join my colleagues at the IFA gives me some comfort.